If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re wondering how much your SEO will cost. Well I have some good, and some bad news for you, but before I talk about either, its important you understand a few key things.

1. It’s All About ROI &
The Right Amount Of Effort.

I learned a long time ago, that underquoting in the SEO field is what leads to WORST ROI you can get.

What do I mean?

Well SEO is like a running race, and chances are right now you are a long way behind your competition. So in order to get you to the first page, I’ve got to run faster than they are, in order to close the gap, and then overtake them.

So if your investing $500/mo, and they are investing $1,000/mo, how will you ever close the gap? You won’t.

Your progress will be so slow (if you grow at all), that you won’t ever break the first page, and you won’t ever get more traffic, enquiries, and sales.

This results in you wasting all of your money for zero returns.

If however, you were to invest $1,500/mo – beat your competition and get to the top of the first page and start bringing in $10,000 – $50,000 in additional new business each month, then your ROI will be fantastic.

2. If you want a $595/Mo SEO Guy,
Then We’re Not A Great Fit.

As I mentioned in the first point, its essential that your SEO campaign gets the investment it needs to be successful.

I don’t take on clients who I can’t get to the top, and who I can’t get a great ROI for.

And as a part of this, I don’t take on clients who only have $400, $500 or $600 to spend on their SEO each month.

This is for two reasons.

Firstly, as I mentioned above, this rarely leads to a good ROI and outcome for you.

Secondly, because we are incredibly good at what we do. We get results, and our clients are over the moon with the effect it has on their businesses as you can see on our testimonials page.

What I do, and the processes that I’ve built you can’t find anywhere. No university teaches how to do SEO in a way that gets results. No online blog will teach you how to do it right (although many claim to), and no $27 eBook can educate you on how to rank.

I’ve spent years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and development to perfect my craft. As I write this I’m the only SEO supplier in Australia to hold down #1 rankings in over 12 cities. This means I’ve beaten the best SEO Agencies across the country at their own game.

Furthermore, if you wanted to hire a top marketing manager to come into your business right now to do SEO for you internally, they wouldn’t blink an eyelid for less than $120,000/year. That’s over $10,000 a month in their salary alone before you pay superannuation, computer costs and so on.

The next hurdle you’ll face is that SEO isn’t taught in any college, university or TAFE. You can’t get a certification in this.

3. You Need To Look At
Your ROI, Not The Cost

Which is more expensive – Spending $500 and receiving $100 back, or spending $1,000 and receiving $10,000 back?

Needless to say, its spending the $500.

So what does this mean?

Well, when done right (Like I do it), SEO can drive an enormous ROI, often 10-25X on your money when calculated out over 12-months.

So How Much Does SEO Cost?

Now we’ve got that out of the way, to the big question – How much will your SEO cost?

Sadly I can’t give you an exact price right now because just like if you call a builder and ask them how much it will cost to build a house, they will need to know specifics before they can quote you. Do you want 1 story or 2, how many bedrooms, etc.

So once I have a completed Discovery Form from you, and have analysed your exact competition & what it will require to get results, I will then be able to give you an exact figure.

Click the link below to fill out the discovery form today, and let’s start you on the road to everflowing leads & business growth.