After learning as much as I could teach myself about traffic, I decided to join a ‘large agency’ to improve my skills and learn from ‘the best’ in the industry about SEO and Adwords.

It was there, that I discovered just how corrupt and dark the Agency world is. It was like walking into the underbelly of a criminal empire with the things that were going on.

They charged exorbitant amounts by the hour to the client, yet half the team I was managing was made up of university students not making $20/hr. Yes that’s right, clients were paying upwards of $150/hr to get the best brains in the industry, yet the agency was hiring juniors to do their work.

On more times than I care to admit, I was told to charge more, quote more, or take longer doing things because ‘the client has money’.

One time, a staff member was sick, and only got 20% of the work they would usually get done in a month completed. When I raised this with the powers to be, they said still bill the client as the ‘hours were done’.

It was sickening.

It was disgusting.

And the worst part, as I did more digging, this was the norm in the world of ‘big agencies’.

This wasn’t the only agency doing this to their clients, it was how they were all acting.