Brisbane, Queensland, September 1, 2020 – The benefits of ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines to a small business are enormous. It not only increases engagement but also boosts sales, which are the main aim of every small business in Brisbane. Small business owners have dived into the waters of SEO to help grow their business. Many of them have even gone to the extent of spending thousands of dollars on SEO. While some were successful, others ended up with losses as their businesses remained invisible to their potential online customers. Joel House Search Media is a result-oriented SEO company that specializes in helping small business owners rank their website on the first page of Google without spending much money.

Joel House, Director and Founder of Joel House Search Media said, “I acknowledge the fact that your business is essential to you, considering the amount of blood, sweat, and tears you have put into growing it. Therefore, I find it offensive that some other SEO companies pass down your efforts to a junior/intern. I have worked with some big SEO agencies and I quit after observing the poor level of attention they give to the search engine optimization of clients like you who ought to be given more. With my level of expertise, I have succeeded in surpassing every SEO agency in Brisbane by out-doing the juniors and interns tasked with handling the SEO needs of clients like you. I have also overtaken their managers who oversee their ‘internal SEO, so I get to deliver real results.”

Small businesses in Brisbane can grow their customer pool extensively if they apply the right online approach, which is only possible by having an optimized website with keywords that attract their target customers. Joel House Search Media uses strategies that work to boost the online presence of their clients. They do this by developing the appropriate keywords for the websites of their clients, as well as studying and analyzing the keywords of their competitors to develop strategies that can help their client rank #1 on Google. They also apply top notch and 100% safe and tested methods that were created with the world’s leading Brisbane SEO community.

Russ Hood a client from commented, “We have tried out the services of several SEO’s. None of them cared about our needs; they were just happy to take our money. After being advised by a friend to search for an SEO online and employ the services of one who did use Google advertising, we found Joel House Search Media. The results were almost instant as we began seeing results after six weeks. Currently, we sit on the #1 spot on Google despite working with Joel for only eight weeks. We have also experienced a great turn around in the business. We are grateful to Joel for his successful efforts to improve our business.”

Clients looking to get the best SEO results for their businesses can reach out to Joel House Search Media. Take advantage of their SEO consultancy services by filling their Discovery Form and get a free 45-60 minutes phone consultation on the future of your business. Their Discovery Form is available on their website, and clients who want their services can also reach them by phone. Their services are open to all qualified businesses in Brisbane.

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About Joel House Search Media:

Joel House Search Media is a search engine marketing based in Australia. It was founded four years ago as a company that offered only SEO services, but now they have a cutting edge paid traffic division. They provide SEO services for small business owners in Brisbane.


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