Leading provider of digital marketing services, Joel House Search Media, announces its Google AdWords service for businesses that are looking to drive traffic to their website and convert more leads and sales.

The company has a team of Google AdWords experts that create unique digital marketing campaigns to help the clients grow their businesses online. The AdWords services are designed for busy entrepreneurs and established business owners who want to leverage Google’s advertising platform to grow their brands and increase important metrics, such as leads and sales.

Joel House, owner of Joel House Search Media said, “If you want to get more exposure for your business, get discovered organically, maximize the ROI from your paid traffic campaigns, our team of certified digital marketers are here to serve you. We have measurable results, and deliver real value to the Australian community.”

Google AdWords is an online platform for ‘pay per click’ (PPC) advertising. The platform allows businesses to purchase visitors from platforms that already have a large number of visitors or from Google search result pages. Interested brands can bypass the conventional mechanism of Google’s algorithm and buy their way to the top of the search engine, where they’ll be exposed to more visitors and potential buyers for their products or services.

AdWords can be seen in action with the predefined placements of sponsored ads on the top or bottom of Google’s search page. When people type a search phrase on Google, your advert goes into an auction to compete for these placements. Since your advert is tailored to specific keywords, it will appear if the search is related to your keywords. If a potential customer clicks on your search advertisement, the visitor is directed to your website, and you pay for the specified bid amount in your Google Ads account.

Data-driven advertising is a form of digital marketing that is based on results. Unlike conventional TV and radio advertising, AdWords can help businesses give a measurable exposure to their brand. This is where JoelHouse Search Media is looking to efficiently help businesses manage their AdWords account personally and achieve trackable great results.

The company has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, with a team of certified AdWords account managers. Their goal is to help business owners set up and manage AdWords account, and then help them deliver the best value, bringing their return on investment (ROI) to an optimal level.

Also, businesses that already have an AdWords account that is not performing well can benefit from Joel House’s AdWords services. They can leverage the expertise of their team of managers to drive more traffic to their pages and increase conversion rates.

Meanwhile, business owners who have used Joel House Search Media’s AdWords services have lauded their professionalism. 

“We achieved better results than we’ve ever done with any other company in over a year. Joel sat with us and walked us through the key areas where the problem was coming from and how he would fix it,” said Dylan Hucklebridge, owner of Aqua Fresh Cleaning.

Joel House Search Media boasts of PPC experts with a rare combination of experience and skills required to help businesses get the best result from Google advertising. 

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About Joel House Search Media

Joel House Search Media is an Australian digital marketing company with great expertise in Google AdWords, SEO, Google Maps, and a host of other services. They take pride in helping businesses achieve quality results. Over the years, they have helped hundreds of Australian brands expose their business to the right audience bringing in qualified leads and sales.


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