A Brisbane-based SEO and full digital marketing agency, Joel House Search Media is pleased to announce that its CEO, Joel House was recently featured in an article published on USA Today. He was featured as a thought leader in the business, marketing, and freelancer space. Joel was included in a list of 8 industry experts interviewed about the common communication mistakes within the industry.

The article is titled ‘8 Communication Mistakes Freelancers Should Avoid,’ and it talks about the common communication mistakes that are a detriment to a freelancer who desires to have a successful freelance career. Joel was the first industry expert that was featured talking about how most freelancers are guilty of not following up on a prospect. He advised freelancers to always follow up on a new prospect that comes their way which will portray them as serious freelancers such that whenever the prospect has a need, they will be the ones that will be hired. 

In the article, Joel stated, “Perhaps your prospect didn’t need your services the first time you’ve pitched them, but in 2 – 4 weeks, a lot can change. Unless you follow up, you may not know about the new need they are having right now.”

Commenting on his appearance on USA Today’s article, Joel said “It’s an honor to be quoted in such a prestigious publication and to be included as one of the top thought leaders in this space. I hope that my learnings from the school of hard knocks can help the next generation to thrive.”

Founded on September 15, 1982, by Allen Neuharth, the head of the Gannett newspaper chain, USA Today is the largest local-to-national digital media organization. It operates from Gannett’s corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia. USA Today is the flagship publication of its owner, Gannett. The features that originally set it apart from other publications include very brief stories, abundant colorful graphics, and a concentration on celebrity and sport. USA Today is a top newspaper that doesn’t hesitate to feature top industry experts in their respective fields whenever the need arises.

Joel is the CEO of Joel House Search Media, an SEO and full digital marketing agency created to help people grow their business through digital traffic. The agency has a proven track record of helping websites all across Australia with its Google AdWords and bespoke SEO services they offer. 

Since the creation of the company, customers have been experiencing top-notch services and can’t stop talking about it.  Johnathan Edwards, a client of the company has this to say about his experience, “Joel House is hands down the best SEO that I’ve ever worked with. Over the last few years, we’ve hired numerous companies and no one has ever been able to get us results. I was hesitant at first to hire Joel, but now I couldn’t be happier with the decision.” 

Joel will continue to share his thoughts and ideas from his years of experience on pertinent issues concerning the industry for others to learn.

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Joel House Search Media is a Brisbane-based SEO and full digital marketing agency created to help deliver the very highest quality SEO & Google Adwords services on the market for businesses. They have experts with a decade of experience with SEO and Google AdWords as well as current google certifications that will help set up, maintain, and deliver the best value out of the advertising platform. Joel House Search Media has blazed a trail of results and has redefined what it means to deliver quality work to the Australian industry.

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