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Because our clients get our personal attention to rapidly grow their traffic and revenue, I can only work with a select handful of clients. I can only work with a handful of businesses that are true leaders in their feilds. And I can only work with established businesses who have a desire to grow and who know that website design is for them.

Since I rank in nearly every major city in Australia, I get a lot of business owners to my website every day, so this isn’t some false urgency, but my client list fills fast.

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Keyword Research

When it comes to Google Adwords, it is important to target the right keywords to bring in the sales. Unlike SEO where it’s important to target a keyword with high volume, with Adwords we often see the long tail (2 + word search terms) phrases convert the best. The reason behind this is the intent of the searcher is more specific in what they are looking for, so they are more likely to purchase if the page they land on provides the solution they are looking for.

Because over 15% of all search queries done in 2018 were never conducted before in history, as a part of your keyword targeting we use a variety of what are called ‘match types’. These Adwords Match Types basically set the boundaries of how similar the phrase that is searched needs to be to the keywords we identify for your ads to show up.

Our Adwords Agency uses these modifiers we are able to not only discover the terms that people are searching for that the research tools don’t show, but also tap into broader, yet still targeted buyers.

These Match Types include:

Exact Match Keywords – As the name suggests, the ad will only show for the exact keyword we select. This is often used once we find a ‘winning’ keyword – that is, a term that has been proven to convert well to leads or sales.

Phrase Match Keywords – These are keywords where additional terms where your ads may be shown even if the searcher ads additional words to the beginning or end of the Phrase – but not the middle. They help us to capture variations such as “Best + Keyword” and the other variations.

Broad Match Keywords – These are the least targeted of the 4 match types and are often used as a ‘discovery’ tool. When we use Broad Match keywords, they allow Google to show your ads to anyone who Google teams has the same intent as your keyword. You’ll get the most traffic using Broad Match, but the quality usually doesn’t convert as well. This is why we don’t use these often.

Broad Match Modified Keywords  – These are like Broad Match, except that one of the keywords we designate must be present, but not all. For example if we set up ‘Womens Hats’ as a Broad Match Modifier, as long as one of those two words in a search query, then the ad could show. We also don’t use these very often.

Negative Keyword Removal

Your Adwords Manager has several  important ‘levers’ that we can pull to optimize a Google Adwords Campaign is what is called ‘Negative Keywords’. As the name suggests, these are keywords where your ads will not show. Most of the time these is one of the most overlooked area’s when it come to optimizing a campaign, and its our first point of changes when taking over an existing campaign.

We find Negative Keywords by deeply analysing the data, and finding the terms that have not converted to a lead or sale, but who have had enough initial traffic that they should have.

Collecting this data is an on-going process with your Google Adwords Campaign, and we generally review and optimize this weekly to eliminate wasted spent.

Full Ad Campaign Set Up & Architecture

Architecting a Google Adwords PPC campaign to optimize for the maximum Quality Score is a detailed and time consuming task, yet the rewards are worth it. When your campaign itself is optimized for relevancy, it can push what Google calls your ‘Quality Score’ up by 1-2 points (out of 10), which can result in more clicks at a lower price.

We carefully optimize the PPC Perth campaign, adgroup and adset levels (listed in order of hierarchy) to ensure the maximum results.

Quality Score Optimization

The ‘rank’ of your ads in the SERPS depends on several factors including how much you are willing to spend on a click and your Quality Score. The Quality Score is a relevancy based score out of 10 that Google assigns to each ad. The higher your quality score, the cheaper your clicks, and the more exposure you will get.

There are dozens of elements that we optimize here, and it is an on-going process.

Bid Optimization

Not all Adwords clicks are created equal, and its our job to optimize to get you the best ROI from your Ad Spend. As a part of this we frequently optimize your bidding strategy. Sometimes we tune certain keywords bid up at certain times of day, or days of the week. Others, we decrease the bid on different devices depending on conversion rates. This is all part of why we offer the leading solutions in SEM Perth.

This is an on-going process that is essential to get the best performance from your campaign.

Ad Split Testing

At any given time we will be running a minimum of two ads for a particular ‘Ad Set’ or group of keywords. This allows us to tweak and find the best performing ads in terms of maximising your Click Through Rate as well as final conversion rate.

We split test the Adwords ad copy, call to action, and ‘ad extensions’ (Which provide more information in the SERPS), to find the perfect balance. This is an on-going process to maximise your campaigns performance.

ROI Optimization

Fundamentally everything above comes down to maximising your Return On Ad Spend in Adwords – that is, getting you the most leads or sales revenue for every dollar you spend with Google.

When first launching your Google Adwords Perth the amount of leads and revenue that you generate may not look impressive, however as we gather more data the longer your campaign is live, the better the results will become.

Additional Google Adwords Services:

The following services are also offered in your Perth Google Adwords account:

  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Static Remarketing
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Display Ads
  • Youtube Ads