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What is Google AdWords exactly?

Google AdWords is a platform for ‘pay per click’ advertising. If you have some experience in online marketing or running your own website, you may have heard of this term before. Pay per click (or PPC for short) is an online advertising method that allows you to bid against other websites to purchase visitors to your website from other websites that already attract a lot of visitors. Websites such as search engines like Google.

Google searches have set positions aside on search results pages that bypasses Google’s algorithm for ranking websites. It’s essentially a paid shortcut to get to you at the top of search results. By bidding for a set ‘pay per click’ you can effectively buy your way to the top of the page.

You would have seen Google AdWords when browsing throughout websites yourself. Advertisements are displayed in pre-defined placements on Google search results, above ‘organic’ search results and also at the bottom of the page.

When someone performs a search on Google your advertisements go into an auction to compete for these placements. If a potential customer clicks on your search advertisement, your Google Ads account is then debited the agreed bid amount and Google directs the visitor to your website.

Another factor at play in the auction is called ‘quality score’ which helps Google determine high quality ads to ensure a good user search experience. This quality score considers the landing page experience, the click through rate of the search advertisement and the agreed bid for that search term. This evens out competition and allows accounts with smaller budgets compete effectively.

An understanding of how budget and search experience works together are key drivers of a successful Google AdWords account.

Why do you need AdWords?

Google AdWords is data driven and is a form of results based digital marketing. By only paying for clicks, with a well-managed PPC account it can return and yield great results, even with a very small budget. With traditional forms of marketing such as outdoor, TV and radio advertising – those mediums cannot give you real and measurable exposure of your products and services. With Google AdWords you can track and measure goals and conversions. For example, you can measure sales on an ecommerce site, or leads and phone call enquiries for a service-based business.

We have a decade of experience with Google AdWords and all account managers hold current Google AdWords certification. Our experts will help you to set up, maintain and deliver the best value out of the advertising platform for you. Or if you currently have an account but you feel it’s not performing well, contact us for a free assessment on your account by clicking the discovery session below.

FREE Google Ads Account Analysis

Let me show you over my shoulder exactly how to improve your Google Ads dramatically!

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