Back in 2008 I was first exposed to the world of digital marketing. It intrigued me. The idea that you can get people to find, buy and sell things online blew my mind. This year alone I read over 15 books on the subject.


In September 2009 I started my first website – HalloweenSecrets – A site dedicated to helping Americans have the best Halloween they could. Being my first site, needless to say it was a flop, but the lessons I learned I remember to this day. Those lessons were the need to have a strategy and not expect results too quickly. This year I read another 12 books about marketing.


In 2011, myself and my wife launched our first eCommerce and importing business.


Early in the eCommerce business I learned the importance of knowing how to sell with the written word. So I dedicated countless hours to becoming a top notch copywriter, where I could out-sell my competition, even through we were more expensive. And it worked. Unfortunately even though I mastered the marketing for my own business managing an importing business was not my skill set.

I quickly learned that I much prefer marketing to eCommerce, so decided to focus on helping other business owners with the skills that I’d developed.


I spent 2013 writing sales copy full time for clients in 27 different countries. However I observed something interesting. Once they had their copy, and once their sales pages were set up, most of these business owners struggled to get people to their websites, which meant they weren’t seeing a return on their investment.

As a result I decided to learn how to master many different traffic sources to help them. This included SEO, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads (Yes, back in 2013).


After learning as much as I could teach myself about traffic, I decided to join a ‘large agency’ to improve my skills and learn from ‘the best’ in the industry about SEO and Adwords.

It was there, that I discovered just how corrupt and dark the Agency world is. It was like walking into the underbelly of a criminal empire with the things that were going on.

They charged exorbitant amounts by the hour to the client, yet half the team I was managing was made up of university students not making $20/hr. Yes that’s right, clients were paying upwards of $150/hr to get the best brains in the industry, yet the agency was hiring juniors to do their work.

On more times than I care to admit, I was told to charge more, quote more, or take longer doing things because ‘the client has money’.

One time, a staff member was sick, and only got 20% of the work they would usually get done in a month completed. When I raised this with the powers to be, they said still bill the client as the ‘hours were done’.

It was sickening.

It was disgusting.

And the worst part, as I did more digging, this was the norm in the world of ‘big agencies’.

This wasn’t the only agency doing this to their clients, it was how they were all acting.


After learning as much as I could it was time that I did something about the seedy underbelly of the SEO world. It was time that someone stood up, and competed with this corrupt world head on.

Small business owners, just like you, needed a fair go. They need something they can trust to get results, and someone who will deliver on their promises.

This is when I started Joel House Search Media.

I knew that with my SEO skills, and with the freedom to help small businesses grow without restrictions hanging over my head I’d be able to help countless business owners grow.

This year, in under 6-months of starting I was already the #1 ranked SEO company in 4 cities across Queensland.


Continuing to grow from strength to strength, we were able to help small businesses across Australia take over 2,500 page 1 rankings. And, of those, 629 #1 rankings for their most important, revenue driving keywords.


Fast forward to 2018 – and we are going stronger than ever. Not only are we ranked #1, 2, and 3 for major cities in Queensland, but we are shaking things up across the country.

Through all of this growth, and through helping hundreds of business owners, just like yourself, we’ve ensured one thing above all – to keep up our quality, and to ensure that you, the client, gets the best ROI and the best SEO available anywhere on the market.

This year, more than ever before we are focussing on how we can help out clients to get the best, fastest, and most profitable results possible – And the testimonials are rolling in already about how we’re helping flood our clients businesses with more traffic, leads and sales than they’ve ever had.

If you’d like to be a part of our next chapter, then please fill out the Discovery Form at the link below and let’s start your journey to the top of Google together.